Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Knew It! (Death Note L one shot WITH LEMON)

I stared out of the window. Everyone else was asleep. That familiar girl came walking by the Imperial Hotel once again. I've only talked to her about two times. Her name is Harushi Haratsu. Well, that's what she told me. If only I knew if she loved me or not, because I love her. It was love at first sight. But one question- was first sight a few days ago, or when I was at the orphanage? There's something familiar about her...

Harushi POV
I walked around the Kanto Region of Japan. My usual morning. Too bad that it was raining. I looked up, as my straight, shoulder length, dark brown hair swished around. 'I wish that I could see more of the world... seeing only the Kanto Region of Japan with only one eye is too little...' I thought. Yup. You read right. I can only see through one eye. I have a scar covering my left eye, and a lock of hair covering that eye as well. So that's how I can only see through my right eye. Only my right, dark brown eye. My other eye got scarred by an explosion. I started to run towards my house. 
Hold on.
My name really isn't Harushi Haratsu. That's just my alias. My real name is Lydia Nyrat. And when Kimi comes in the story, her name really isn't Kimi. It's Hailey Nyrat.
Back to the story!
I was now at my house, and I started to dry my hair. Oh, one more thing I need to tell you. I'm also part fox. Therefore, I have a pet fox. His name is Hiro. He walked toward me, while I knelt down and pet his head. "I bet you're hungry. Aw, I'll give you food," I smiled. I gave him pieces of chicken that I ate last night. Hiro ate like there was no tomorrow. I let out a little giggle. "Hm... oh, crap! I forgot to call Kimi!" I reminded myself. Kimi is my little sister. Today is her birthday- she's turning 20. I'm currently 24. I got out my cellphone, and dialed her number. RING... RING... RING... RING... "Hello?" she asked. "Hey, Kimi! Sorry that I forgot to call you before, but... happy birthday!" I congratulated. "Aw, thanks," she answered. I then replied, "Welcome." "Oh, Haru, I need to leave. Kikaku is back. Bye," she said. I answered, "Bye." I then hung up. All of a sudden, my phone started to ring. "Hello?" I asked. "Hello. This is Watari. Ryuzaki would like you to come over to the Imperial Hotel. He needs your help with the Kira Case," a man answered. I knew him. He was Watari, from the orphanage I went to. "'Kay. Bye," I replied. "Goodbye," he answered. I hung up. I got out of my pajamas (which were a grey tank top and yellow capris with onigiri on them), and got dressed in a red plaid skirt that went a little above my knees, a white, short sleeved shirt, a black tie, black and white striped knee highs, black and white striped arm socks, black sneakers, and a black, leather jacket. "Bye, Hiro!" I said to my fox, then left. I decided to walk- the Imperial Hotel wasn't that far away. 
At the Imperial Hotel
"Hello, Harushi. We've been waiting," Ryuzaki said. I smiled. "Hello, everyone. My name is Harushi Haratsu," I said politely, with a bow. They all told me their names. 'Light... there's something evil about him...' 
FF to November 5, 2004
"Watari?" Ryuzaki asked. All of the screens said, 'data erased'. "Huh? What's happening? A blackout?" Matsuda asked. "I told Watari to erase all data if anything happened," Ryuzaki explained. "If anything happened? You mean...?" I asked. "Where's the shinigami?" I asked. "Oh, yeah, where did it go?" Matsuda asked. "Everyone, the shiniga-" Ryuzaki said. He then fell to the ground. Light caught him.
'Light Yagami... I knew it... All along you were Kira... But you haven't won yet, Kira... I'll be watching you admit your secret... I'll be there... in person. Thank God this is just an act...' 
Harushi POV
"Ryuzaki? Ryuzaki! Snap out of it, Ryuzaki!" Light cried. There were tears, but those weren't tears of sympathy- those were tears of acting. I knew that he was Kira, he just wouldn't admit it. 'It's just an act. It's just an act. It's just an act. He'll be with me when he's 'dead'. Come on, Lydia, don't cry! He is just acting! This is all part of an act! But then again... crying would be good acting... and I can cry when I try...' I started to cry.
The Next Day
I stayed at the headquarters. Mr. Yagami walked in the room and said, "Ryuzaki is dead." "Damn it! That damn shinigami! Where are you, shinigami?! I know you did this!" Light cried. Light got up and started to look for the shinigami. "Let's look for the shinigami, too," Aizawa suggested. They all started to look. "Huh? Aren't you going to help search for the shinigami, Haru?" Matsuda asked. "No... I can't. Ryuzaki was my first friend. I don't want to be reminded of his murderer. I'm going home," I declared. "...Okay. I understand why you want to go home. Bye, Haru. See you soon," Matsuda said. "Bye," I answered. I walked out, and drove home. 
I walked to my kitchen, to find Ryuzaki eating a piece of strawberry shortcake. "Um... ever heard of asking?" I laughed. "Well, we are going to live together from now on, right?" Ryuzaki asked. "True... ah, whatever," I smiled. I walked to the bathroom, which was right across the kitchen, locked the door, stripped off my clothes and started the shower. I walked into the shower, and wetted my body. My fox ears and tail appeared, and I started to wash my hair, tail, and ears. "Hey, Ryuzaki?" I called. "Yeah?" he answered. "You completely figured out who Kira is?" I asked. "Yes. I won't be seeing the NPA for a while, just to... tease them, I guess. Kira is Light Yagami. I knew that all along. In the end, I'll let them catch him on their own," he replied. "Ha. Don't you think that's a bit mean?" I questioned. "True... but wouldn't a challenge be fun?" Ryuzaki asked. "...I guess..." I answered. I then added, "But I'm so glad that both you and Watari are alive." "Yeah. And I have something to ask you. Did you go to Wammy's House?" he questioned. I paused for a second. "...Wammy's House...? Well... yes," I answered. 'I knew that Ryuzaki was too familiar! He's... L...' "Huh. I went to Wammy's House, too," he replied. "...You're L...?" I asked. "The one and only," he answered. "Ha! All along I knew that there was something familiar about you!" I smiled. I turned off the shower. "And I knew that there was something familiar about you. Remember our friendship? How great it was?" L asked. "...Yeah," I smiled, while I wrapped a towel around my naked body, and walked out of the steamy bathroom. "All along... you were Panda," I laughed. "I was Panda. And I still am," he answered. I walked to my bedroom, and got dressed in pajamas. 'Panda... I missed you...' A tear rolled down my face. I got out of the bedroom. I noticed L reading one of my mangas on the couch, while Hiro was sleeping next to him. I smiled. I walked up behind L, and hugged him. "I missed you, Panda," I smiled. He looked up at my face. "I missed you too, Fox-Fox," he smiled. Yeah. My nickname was Fox-Fox. I mean, I sort of am one. 
FF to January 28, 2010
"Matsuda, you idiot!! Who the hell do you think you're shooting at?! If you're going to shoot someone, shoot the others! Shoot Aizawa, Haru, the SPK, Near, and the rest of them!! Shoot them!!" Light whimpered. He then noticed L. "L?!!" he cried. "It is..." L smirked. "I thought you were dead!! Why won't you die already?!" Light screamed. "L? But... the whole Task Force thought you were dead!" Aizawa said. "It was all part of an act," I explained. "Ryuk! Kill them! Write their names in the notebook!" Light cried. "Sure... I'll write it," I heard the shinigami say. "No!" everyone, except Near, warned. "Ha! Sucks to be you, Near! The only choice you had was to kill me in the first place! Now Ryuk will kill you all!" Light screamed, as if he won. "No, Light. They won't die. The one who's going to die is you," the shinigami explained. "Ryuk!! You idiot!!" Light whimpered. "Stop it!!" he cried. "It's already been decided, Light. Your name is in the notebook. There's nothing you can do from stop you from dying. Out of all of them, you should be the most familiar with that rule," the shinigami said. "No!!!" Light cried. All of a sudden, he fell to the ground, grasping his heart. "It's finally over..." I said. "Yes..." L answered. 
Back home
"I feel kind of... I don't know. I feel kind of sympathetic toward Light. Now I wonder how Misa will feel now that he's dead..." L said. "Oh, just forget about him. Don't feel sympathetic towards Kira," I said. "...I guess you're right," he answered. I leaned in towards L, and pressed my lips against his. I broke the kiss, and picked up Hiro. "Hiro deserves a kiss, doesn't he?" I smiled. "Aw, come on, Fox-Fox. Do I really have to go that far?" L questioned. "But Panda! Just a little kiss on the nose?" I suggested. He sighed and answered, "Fine." He gave Hiro a little peck on the nose. Hiro licked his face. I smiled. 'Hiro acts too much like a dog... ah, I don't care...' I set down Hiro. He trotted off to under the fridge. "How does he fit under places like that?" L asked. I just shrugged. L looked at me, and we locked lips once again. He licked my bottom lip, while I gladly opened my mouth. We had a tongue war. Of course, L won. But his mouth tasted so much like sugar. He broke the kiss, and sent butterfly kisses down my neck. He bit down above my left breast, drawing blood. He licked it away. 'Ooh, I like where this is going.' He picked me up bridal style, and brought us to my bedroom. He dropped me on my bed, and kissed me once again. He took off my shirt, revealing a black and purple striped bra. I tore off his shirt, revealing well built abs. 'Does he work out...?' 
"Haru... do you want to do this...?" L asked, unsure. "Of course I do. What about you?" I questioned. "Definitely," he answered. "Let's think of it as... a celebration. We caught Kira," I smiled. He smiled as well. That smile was too much to bare. He plunged in for another long lasting kiss. 'Am I ready for this? Well, I guess so. No, I don't guess so. I know so. I'm definitely ready. Let's just hope I'm good.' When in the middle of my thoughts, his arms snaked around my body, and started to unclip my bra. My bra fell off of my body. He broke the kiss, and started to knead my breasts. "Damn, you're good..." I panted. He clamped his mouth over my right nipple, and started to suck. I gasped at this. He bit down. "L..." I moaned. He smirked. He tugged at my pajama pants, and pulled them off. 'Hm... should we use protection...? No, I want to have a baby with him. I'd love that. I won't even mention it.' I pulled off his jeans. He got on top of me, and started to lick my nipples. I moaned again. "Haru... should we use protection?" L asked. 'Damn! He brought it up.' "Hm... No. If we have a child, I'd love to be the mother. Do you want to use protection?" I returned the question. "No. If you have a child, I would gladly father it," L answered with a smile. He ripped off my black and purple striped panties. He stroked my womanhood with his thumb, while he entered a finger in me. I gasped. My breathing became heavy. "Eh, L..." I moaned. He entered two more fingers and swirved them around. "L!" I moaned. "Huh. I knew you'd like that," he smiled. He entered his last finger in me. I gripped the sheets. "L Lawliet! Please don't stop!" I moaned. He took out his fingers and licked off the liquid off his fingers. I reached for his boxers, and tore them off. I stroked his member. I then licked all around it, afterwards taking it whole in my mouth. Well, most of it. My mouth isn't that big. 'I wonder if I'm doing good...' I bit down lightly on it. "L-Lydia..." he panted. He grabbed the back of my head, and started to thrust in and out. "Lydia, I'm going to cu-" Too late. I lapped it all up. "Mm, you taste like strawberries, L," I smiled. He knelt down to my womanhood, and started to blow on it. "L!" I moaned. He jammed his tongue in me, and swirved it around. 'Ah... the magic tongue...' "L, I can't hold it! I'm going to-" Too late. Again. He lapped it up like it would make him live forever. "Mm, Lydia, I bet you taste even better than me... you taste like chocolate chips," he panted. I blushed, but nonetheless, smiled. 'What kind words.' I took his member again, and plunged it into my mouth. I licked it all around once again. I started to knead it. "Aww, Lydia, you have magic fingers..." L moaned. I then started to hum, causing vibrations. "Aw, Lydia, stop teasing me!" L moaned. He pushed me down on the bed, and leaned on top of me. "I'll start off gentle, okay, Lydia?" he asked. I nodded. His member was right above my womanhood, more than ready to enter me. He gently lowered himself in me. "Agh!" I cried. I wrapped my arms around L's torso. He thrusted out of me. "Now, Lydia, my pace is going to get faster bit by bit," he announced. "F-Fine by me," I panted. He slammed into me once again. And out. And in. And out. In and out, in and out, in and out. The same pattern continued for about 45 minutes longer, then I started to feel a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. "Eh, L, I-I think it's about time we stopped," I suggested. "Alright," he replied. He slammed into me one last time, and I moaned the loudest out of all the moans. He then gently got out of me. He plopped down next to me and smiled, "Did you enjoy that?" "Yup," I answered. "I knew it," he smiled.

My very first lemon.
but then im like 'GAWD HARU UR SUCH A WUSS LET UR PERVERTED SIDE GET OUT' then im like 'okey dokey :3'


  1. ME lovey! :3 L RULES! FU LIGHT!!!!

  2. Holy shiz my name is hailey and my sister's name is Lydia.